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At Dentronix, we understand the need for quality and precision in the field of orthodontics.

To perform your best work, you need to reach for the highest quality precision instruments in the industry. That’s why we’re dedicated to achieving perfection in even the smallest details of our orthodontic instruments, from the design, to the production, to the facility they come from. You’re an expert in your field, and we’re the expert craftsmen, here to support you in helping your patients improve their lives.

For Over 50 years,

Dentronix has been dedicated to delivering the highest quality products to orthodontists across the world. Our orthodontic pliers are handmade by master craftsmen in our US-based facility with a level of care and precision mass-production machines can’t match. Together with our dry heat sterilization process, ultrasonic cleaning, and accessories, we offer you best-in-class solutions for all of your office needs. As pioneers of the industry in the late 60s, we’ve earned our reputation as a top orthodontic product brand thanks to our superior attention to detail and consistent quality. We stand behind our products the same way we stand behind you, the professional: with expertly handcrafted precision. Dentronix — precision instruments for better patient outcomes.